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Doll & Toy Restoration Price Guide




8" Madame Alexander & Vogue Ginny   $18-$22
Small All-Bisque 3"-8" $20-$30
Composition & Hard Plastic Dolls 7"-12" $15-$25
  14"-20" $28-$40
  22"-28" $44-$56
German/French Ball-Jointed Bodies 10"-14" $25-$35
  16"-20" $40-$50
  22"-28" $55-$70
  30"-36" $75-$90
Reattach Composition Flange Head to Cloth Body   $20-$30
Reattach Composition Arms/Legs to Cloth Body   $10-$15
per Limb
Composition Repair
(These Prices are also for the Restoration of German/French Ball-Jointed Bodies)
Cleaning   $10-$30
Reconstruction of Fingers   $20-$30
per finger
Repair & Repainting of Small Damage
(This procedure involves removal of old paint if necessary-old paint is chipped off, I do not use harsh chemicals to remove paint, Recomping with Epoxies and fillers, Repainting with an Airbrush)
Repair & Repainting of Extensive Damage   $125 and up
Reconstruction of a Foot   $80 -$125
Touch up of Facial Features
(Blush Cheeks, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Repaint Eyes)

Doll Eyes

Resetting Rocker Eyes to Sleep   $60-$90
Resetting Stationary Eyes   $25-$40
Repair of Eye Rocker   $25 and up
Make Eye Rocker   $75-$125
plus cost of eyes
Re-Wax Eyelids   $35
plus cost to
reset them
Replace Eyelashes   $20-$30
Replace Crazed Pupils (Composition Dolls)
(eyes must be removed/reset, included in price)
Individual Vinyl Movable Eyes for Vinyl Heads with Eye Pockets   $20-$30
(Price includes remove old eyes, put new eyes in)

Cloth & Leather Bodies

Remake/Repair Cloth Body   $50 and up
Replace Mama Voice Box   $25-$35
Repair Leather Body   $25 and up
New Leather Bodies Available   Call For Prices
Antique Leather bodies Available with bisque arms/hands   $100 and up
Reattach Arms to body/Reattach bisque hands to leather   $25-$60
Reattach Pivot Jointed Legs   $50-$90
Reattach Bisque head to Leather Body   $40-$80

Doll Wigs

Clean & Style   $20-$50
Shirley Temple Wigs   $35-$60

Replacement Wigs

Antique/Vintage Human Hair & Mohair
(Depending on Availability)
Modern Human Hair & Mohair   $25-$80
Vintage Saran Wigs
(Hard Plastic/Vinyl Dolls)
Modern Mohair Shirley Temple wigs
These are Great!

Replacement Teeth

Plastic, includes red felt tongue
(for composition dolls)
Porcelain (for bisque dolls)   $25-$35

Doll Clothing

Clean & Press   $5-$10
per garment
Antique, Vintage & Modern Clothes Available    

Collectible Modern Play Dolls
Such as American Girl®, My Twinn,
Magic Attic, Lee Middleton,
Ashton-Drake Vinyl Babies

Clean   $5-$10
Wash/Style Hair   $15-$25
Replacement Wigs   $12-$25
Reattach Head   $15
Reattach Arms/Legs   $15-$35
All Play Dolls come home with a Doll Hospital Care Certificate, bathrobe and/or pajamas and socks.    

Schoenhut Dolls & Toys

Repaint   $25 and up
Restring   $40 and up
Repaint Dolls Eyes (decal/flat/intaglio)   $75-$100

Rocking Horses/Pull Toys

Replace Leather/Cloth Ears   $30-$50
Replace Mane/Tail
(Usually with Mohair-Horsehair depends on availability)
Leather Hide/Burlap Bodies Repaired   $75-$150
Leather Bodies Recovered (usually with cowhide)   $350 and up
Replace Glass Eyes   $20-$50
Repaint Wooden Rocking Horse   $100 and up

Steiff Toys/Bears & Cloth Toys/Dolls
(Lenci Dolls)

Restitch seams   $15-$30
Replace Bears Paw Pads   $50-$80
Replace Ears on Bears
(Price depends on type/availability of material needed)
Replace Glass/Shoe button Eyes   $15-$40
Restitch Bears Nose & Mouth   $25-$50
Repaint Eyes on Lenci's/Other Cloth Dolls   $40-$50
Replacing limbs on Doll/Bears   $50-$150

If you have other Antique/Vintage toys (wood, composition, papier-mâché) Call or E-mail me with your problem. Send Photos and I can give you an estimate.


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